Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Today I Chose Beauty

Step inside my home today, and you will see a mess. But what you can't see? What's already gone? Well, you truly missed the best moment. But I didn't. Not today. Because today I chose Beauty.

Things started well enough--three kids tucked away at school until 3:00. One toddler at preschool for 90 minutes, and a 3 month old who would be asleep that entire time. The only one left was the 8 month old who, while rather busy in her own right, is very content to sit in the living room and play with her toys.

It was the perfect time to get the main level of our house clean & tidy.

Now, I'll never claim to have the entire house "show-ready". To be honest, I gave up on that a few years ago. And, with 6 kids living here (combined with my NOT Type-A personality), survival mode takes precedence. But I really like to have the living room, dining area, and kitchen look decent whenever I get the chance. Today, even the bathroom was on the list. I grabbed the Windex, the roll of paper towels, and headed for the bathroom mirror.  As the water stains disappeared and the glass glistened, I heard one of my favorite sounds; the clip-clop of the 8 month old crawling to find me.

I glanced her way and knew I had plenty of time to finish the mirror. I could even spray & wipe the faucet before she'd reach me.  Then, I could grab her, put her back with her toys, and complete my next task.

She made it all the way to my feet, and I scooped her into my arms.
And she laughed.
Laugher that contains a throaty growl despite her dainty frame.
Laughter that makes her have to stop and catch her breath.
Laughter that I pray is present for years to come.

Beauty didn't see a messy house; she only saw her mama.

And I'll never regret that I stopped, saw, and chose her.

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