Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prepare for Tomorrow Today

(I wrote this in December for Brenda Garrison's newsletter right before Mike and I went to Disney World where he ran the Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge. Thought I'd post it to my blog as motivation for me to start working out soon!)

I am a great procrastinator.  Even now, I am proud of myself for writing this article early (as in, not writing it the same day it will be published).  For whatever reason, I will think about plans and intentions for days on end...when, suddenly, the moment nears and I find myself rushed, stressed and a little clueless.

Sometimes I pull off amazing feats of wit and wisdom, reveling in the adrenaline rush that comes when I accomplish tasks at the last minute.  I feel smart, successful, and worthy of praise.  
Other times, I miss the mark..and therein lies my regret.  Specifically, this week’s regret:  I’m not running a 1/2 marathon this week.  A 1/2 marathon I signed up for back in March 2011.  A 1/2 marathon at Walt Disney World.  A 1/2 marathon I planned to run alongside my husband.  So, while I am still going to Walt Disney World this week with my husband and getting a neat shirt, I won’t be running.  Injury?  Nope, worse....laziness.  Because you can’t run a 1/2 marathon if you haven’t done any running of any type over the past 9 months.

Long distance dreams require constant discipline to reach our goals.  Whether it’s my walk with Christ or a run with my husband, my long-term desires are not accomplished when I procrastinate.  I cannot grow in my relationship with Christ if I do not spend time daily in the Word.  And I cannot reach a finish line if I don’t get off the couch and step outside, willing to experience all that God has in store for me today.