Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sitting at His Feet (finally!)

Five months ago, a pretty big change happened in my life--I became a Pastor's Wife!  Ok, so maybe the career change was a big thing for my husband, too.  After spending 2 years convinced (and finally ok with) the fact that going back into ministry probably meant moving away, God opened the doors for Mike to join the staff of a local church.  We didn't have to leave our home or our school.  In fact, the new church is so much closer to home that many neighbors and the kids' classmates attend. God continues to shower His blessings upon us as we transition into our new church home.
The biggest change, perhaps, has been in my life.  While I treasured my 'to-do' list at our previous church, my duties were the focus of my morning.  If I made it to our sanctuary, I often arrived late and stepped out early.  I focused so much on our nursery ministry and its workers that I spent very little time making sure I was being fed and growing.  "Balance" was not a focus of my Sunday morning church experience.
It took several weeks at our new church before I truly realized, "It's ok to be sitting in the service! This is where God wants you!"  My guilt has turned to joy as I weekly experience corporate worship and phenomenal teaching. I'm allowing God to lead as I plug in and still make certain I am fed.
God desires my service...yet He treasures my growth.