Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Love List from my Husband

Two weeks ago, Mike and I celebrated our 17th anniversary.  It wasn't full of fanfare or romance.  Quite the opposite, in fact, as Mike was 5 hours away running an ultra marathon with friends, and I was home with 6 kids.  But before he came home, he posted the following list on my Facebook page.  The list, I think, says far more about him than it does me.  Mike loves me completely and unconditionally.  We do life together--the busy, the crazy, the stressful, the funny, the unbelievable, and the mundane.  In every way, I am so thankful for him, because he is a part of every aspect of my life.  So here is the list he gave me--I truly pray other wives get to experience this same devotion and gratitude.  ~LeAnne

Happy Anniversary to my incredible wife. Why do I love her???

1. She loves Jesus (most important)!
2. She is such a hard worker. LeAnne puts me to shame.
3. She is okay without having "things".
4. She's thrifty!
5. She is funny. I love her sense of humor. Something a lot of people never get to see.
6. She takes care of our family so lovingly, selflessly, and with sacrifice.
7. She puts other people first.
8. She follows my lead and trusts me.
9. Every time she changes one of the little kids diapers, she kisses their feet. Even at 3 am. I've seen it.
10. She puts up with me.
11. She is a faithful servant at church.
12. She's hot. I wanted to put this higher but it seemed too predictable. But it's true.
13. She's beautiful. Truly beautiful.
14. She's honest and tells me what I need to hear.
15. She's a great encourage rand cheerleader.
16. She uses her blinker. I love how she follows the rules. And how she hates when I park in the fire lane to pick up pizza.
17. She's consistent. I am so blessed to have been married to this wonderful, beautiful and sweet woman for 17 years.

Love you!

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