Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Power of a 7th Grader {and a mama's pride}

Most days, I really like my little town. If I'm truly honest, I actually consider it Mike's town, as he was born and raised here--I married into it. But it's also home for our kids, and that part is my favorite. It's where they continue to build and grow friendships. It's where they began their schooling at a wonderful elementary school, and where two of them now attend the junior high. While the school aspect will never be "perfect" (because, plain and simple, none of us are perfect), I am thankful for the teachers who encourage, challenge, educate and affirm my kids every year.

It is within those challenges, those pushes to reach something greater, that Connor currently sits. The end of the year is a big one for him and the other kids in his Language Arts class. It's a place where their current project consumes their classroom time and extends well into the night at home. A project where even moms now play a big role as they share their sons' and daughters' project information on their Facebook pages. Through the Facebook shares, I have gotten to witness these 7th graders passions, pleasures, hobbies, entrepreneurship, and hearts for various philanthropies. From Africa to our little town, these kids are bringing awareness to various needs. The kids are helping out. Making a difference. Sharing information. Growing in knowledge and confidence as they create websites, blogs, spreadsheets and products.

I know this assignment isn't an easy one. I'm sure it has brought tears, do-overs, and switching topics completely. Even Connor put his hands on his head last night and stated, "Running a business is HARD!"

But, isn't that the best way to learn? To dig deep and strive hard? And fail? Then succeed? I'll be honest--when my daughter Kaitlin did this project last year, I wasn't too sure about it. I felt it was too much to put on a 7th grader's shoulders. I was wrong. I have loved reading what these 7th graders in my quiet town are doing to make a difference.  Here are a few of their website links and topics. Here is our future:

Klop Incorporated  Where my son Connor is making paracord bracelets, selling them, and giving 25% of his proceeds to our foster care agency.

The DIY Hot Spot Where Kyra focuses on recreating Pinterest fails, and provides honest insight into the world of craft projects.

Honor Veterans Project Where Rebekah & Katlin are bringing awareness to our local Veterans Memorial Fund and sharing info regarding not just donations, but the opportunity to purchase a paver and even a bench so the Memorial can be built. A wonderful tribute to Rebekah's brother, who died way too soon.

Our Steps to End Hunger in Africa Where Lindsay & Lauren are educating on hunger in Africa. Info includes many statistics, providing information on Unicef, and speaking at a local elementary school.

The Go To Where Keaton & Tristan provide daily insight and information to all things within the NHL, NBA, NFL & MLB sports professions.

TrueHop Where Max & Jake critique movies new to theaters and DVD films, adding new reviews on a weekly basis.

So much talent, so much heart. So proud to call this place home.

copyright 2015 LeAnne Klopfenstein

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