Saturday, April 18, 2015

Diapers + Kmart + Shop Your Way Rewards = AMAZING Deal

I'm great at telling friends when I find a fun way to save some money, but it's never anything I blog about. And chances are, this will be the one and only time I actually sit down and consider something I'm doing to save money worthy of typing and sharing with others. But I've found a pretty good rhythm and after tracking for several months, figured it was worthy to pass along!

Here's the scoop on my household:  In 2014, we gained a newborn foster daughter in March. And then another in September! Throw in our toddler who turned two in May 2014, and it's safe to assume we buy--and use!--many, many diapers. Since we suddenly had 3 children in diapers, I started looking around to see whether a local store or Amazon was the best route to go in making the best purchase.  The factors:
  • I have to purchase Luvs diapers for two of the kids. I've tried Huggies, Pampers, various store brands, and Luvs. For whatever reason, Luvs are the ones that work the best for their body shapes. And since two kids need Luvs, it is easiest for me to buy them for all three kids.
  • I checked prices at Walmart, Kroger, Kmart & Amazon. 
  • Size 2 diapers cannot be found in the largest boxes at any stores. I found the best purchase route for size 2 Luvs to be through Amazon Prime (You could do find with just Amazon and then making another small purchase for free shipping, but it takes MUCH longer for the diapers to arrive!).
My town still has a Kmart, and I was surprised to find the price per diaper for size 5 Luvs was cheaper at Kmart than Walmart (I researched last fall, so there is a chance that has recently changed). It was also cheaper to go to Kmart than to purchase size 5 through Amazon!

I already had the Kmart "Shop Your Way" rewards card, but I rarely used it or shopped there. And when I began getting diapers there, I was so confused by the savings program (I was never saving any money with the card), I just figured it was a crock.  But once I figured it out, the savings began to really show!

  • Attach your email and your phone number (cell if you have one) to your account when you open one.
  • Get the SHOP YOUR WAY Rewards app added to your phone. (Or utilize the website and your email address if you don't have a smart phone).

  • Load coupons to your account via the app.  SPECIFICALLY, ADD Kmart "$10 in points on $50 Storewide"
  • One box of 112 Size 5 Luvs costs $25.99.  I either buy two boxes of size 5, or get one box 148 Size 3, which are also $25.99.

Ideally, I only buy the two boxes of diapers to maximize the potential deal.  So, even if you have no need for diapers, you can still shoot for a $50 purchase total each time and come up with a similar scenario.

Once I get the two boxes of diapers and get ready to check out, I give the cashier my phone number so that the purchase gets connected to my account.  That will add the bonus point ($10 in points) onto my account towards a future purchase.  The receipt below has over 20,000 points, which means I've accrued what amounts to a $20 store credit.
**In order to utilize your savings on a future purchase, you will need to be very proactive and tell the cashier you want to use your points. You then provide your pin code, and the amount will be taken off of your total. You need 10,000 points or more in order to use your points.

What is incredible is the fact the "$10 in points on $50 Storewide" coupon is almost always available!  So I am continually adding it to my account.  I typically do a couple diaper shopping trips before I use the credit towards other items. And it does take several days for the point amount to show up on the app, but the store receipt updates immediately.

And, when you spend over $50, you get a coupon to save $0.30/gallon at BP! At the BP gas pump, I simply press 'pay inside', fill my tank, and then use the discount code inside the gas station to get the discount.  That amounts to over $5.00 savings every fill-up. Compare that to getting $0.10/gallon for every $100 spent at Kroger--it's a great deal.

Between the points coupon and the gas deal, I'm basically getting back $15 for every $50 I spend (or saving, or accruing...however you want to look at it).  No matter how it's viewed, I've benefitted quite a bit from the Shop Your Way rewards program, and will continue to save hundreds of dollars simply by buying diapers at Kmart.

copyright 2015 LeAnne Klopfenstein

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