Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Against the Grain

I've never been all that competitive.

In grade school, I enjoyed playing soccer.  And my best games were when I wanted to impress a certain boy who played on another team.  The other games?  I stopped and picked dandelions.

In high school, I loved swimming on the best team in the area.  And while my times continued to get faster, I was content to stay in the middle of the pack.  I never understood why my coach always told me I was my own worst enemy...until I headed to college, watched a swim meet at the University of Iowa, and realized I could have kept up at the collegiate level.

My last year of college, I finally grasped that my personality & talents combine in ways that make me...well, me!  While I enjoy leadership, I like to take on tasks that allow me to lead in quiet ways; I prefer the praise of a few over the recognition of many.  Above all, I do my best to be authentic--not merely in my relationship with others, but authentic to myself, too.

And my authentic moments for today?

  • Bake a loaf of bread...using a box mix.
  • Hard boil a dozen eggs.

Somehow, in our media-rich, Facebook, Pinterest society, things are again feeling like a competition. And, I can't bring myself to participate.

The real trick with competition?  We place it upon ourselves!  

  • Bigger house.
  • Better cook.
  • Best yard.
Today, I'm reminding myself that God has placed me right where he wants me.  And, I can't be the authentic wife & mom my family needs if I stress & try to become someone else.

So, from my messy house to yours (be it clean or messy), I hope you find contentment in just being you.

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