Tuesday, June 17, 2014

About a Girl who became an Author

I still picture her as a little girl, with her long, wavy ponytail flying through the air as she practiced cartwheels and backflips in her front yard.

I can picture her as a giggling teen--loving life, creating her own style, and so very happy.

I picture her as a college student on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Relaxed, serene, full of love for her family and the Lord.  Her future appeared so bright, so promising, so…perfect.

And then.  Ten years ago happened.  And it all changed.

The man who said he would love her forever broke his promise.

The mom who had loved her forever was diagnosed with a terminal disease.

I honestly didn't know how she could survive.

But she did.

I watched as that happy girl became a determined woman.  Determined to follow God in every way, for without Him she knew she'd crumble.

I watched as her solid relationship with her mom grew even deeper.  Friend, caregiver, encourager, peer.  The best part?  They were those things for each other--at the same time.  And those roles, although they shifted over the next few years, remained until her mom's death.

I watched as God brought her an amazing man, with incredible children.  And she became his wife.  And their family of four has grown to a family of six!

And that's really where this blog post begins.  Because what I wanted to do was share Kristin's book.  The amazing, incredible dream that she--along with a very dedicated husband--saw become a reality in 2014.

A book full of whimsy, cleverness, and a unique approach like nothing I've ever seen.  A book that allows a parent to record the words, wisdom, and wonder that sweet toddlers share with us on a daily basis.  A book that reveals a bit of the hilarity and chaos which fill Kristin's home nearly every moment of every day.  A book that displays Kristin's heart--and talent--in ways that make me so very, very proud.

If you have a toddler, know a toddler, or know a baby who will become a toddler, this book is a delight.  Thanks to God's timing in my own life, I have my own young son for whom I bought this book, and it's been a special way for me to record "his" language and personality.

Above all else, the book is a constant reminder to me of  how Kristin has truly experienced what it means to "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." (Romans 12:12).

I cannot wait to see what else God has planned for her!

O is for "Oops"can be found in Peoria, Illinois at Britches n Bloomers (located in the Metro Centre)
and Barnes & Noble.

O is for "Oops" can also be purchased online from Krickey Publishing at http://www.krickeypublishing.com/shop/

And from Amazon at

You can also follow Kristin's real-life, non pretentious, humorous blog at www.krickeypublishing.com

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