Friday, May 30, 2014

Who Cries Over Spilled Milk?

Want to know who cries over spilled milk?

The toddler--because you dropped his  cup.

The infant--because you put her down when you cleaned up the mess.

The dog--because she had to have a bath, thanks to you dumping milk on her back.

But you know who didn't cry?  That's right!  Mom.  Mom stayed laid-back and perfectly calm.


Until the toddler opened the canister of baby formula and dumped it on the floor because you couldn't get to him in time due to the fact you were feeding the baby a bottle to stop her crying that started because you quit holding her when you cleaned up the milk you spilled and was still screaming when you gave the dog a quick bath, so now you've finally focused on the infant and in the meantime the toddler (who is no longer crying because you already gave him more milk) is now rummaging through the diaper bag and

There goes the formula.
Time to get the vacuum.
And pray the mama doesn't cry.

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