Monday, July 2, 2012

The Refreshing Perspective of a Child

Today's travels included driving on a country road.  The kids and I passed by corn, farm houses, and the occasional dilapidated building.  And on one building, in spray paint, were the following words:

Kaitlin:  "Mom, I don't get it."
Me:  "That saying?  It means without God in our life, we won't have peace in our life.  But, when we have God in our life, even when things aren't easy, we can still experience His peace."

Kaitlin:  "I still don't understand."
Me:  "If we have God in our life-----

Kaitlin:  "Mom, I totally understand the saying.  But I do not understand why a Christian would vandalize a building!!!"

What do you say to that!?  Love my girl!

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