Monday, May 7, 2012

My Foster Parent 'Faith Walk'

After our third child was born, Mike and I made a decision--if God called us to have any more children, we would adopt.  After several years of prayer, we knew our calling:  foster and adopt a local child.  We have now been licensed foster parents for over two years.  So, how many kids now live in our home?  Three--the same three we've always had.  Here we sit, our family of five, and wonder if we chose the right path. Used the right agency.  Made the right decision.

Billboards screamed "Foster Kids are Our Kids!" The tears welled, my heart ached, but the phone didn't ring.  The goal of being a child's forever family remained nonexistent.

How could God call us to something and not use us?  But, you see, God has used us--for while no one else lives here right now, we have had the opportunity to foster four children.  Temporary placements--not our plan, but each time that was the outcome.  Four lives that forever changed our inward focus on self.  Four lives that very likely will play a role in what vocations my children pursue.  Four lives for whom we continue to pray.  Not one, but four.

When our journey began, I never imagined I could be "strong enough" to be someone's momma for just a brief moment in time.  But, God has stretched me. Used me. Grown me. Changed me.  I guess we followed the right path after all.

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  1. Great posts LeAnne - love reading what God is putting on your heart! - Megan