Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A {Locked Out} Lesson

Sometimes, you need to be thankful for the silver lining within the chaos. Today, I'm simply thankful that Charlie chose to lock me out of the house AFTER the adoption specialist was here, as opposed to being locked out when she arrived!

(Do you know how tricky it is to continually switch from a stern discipline voice to a sickening sweet voice in the hopes you can convince a 3 year old to open either of the doors he has locked? A threat of putting ALL his M&M's in the garbage finally did the trick.)

I often post about foster care and adoption, as this portion of my life has truly become a passion. Despite how some people 'ooh' and 'aww' when they see our 3 littles, my "good works" don't make my life extra special and blessedly serene; opening my heart & home has made my life busy, hectic, and requires more faith than I ever imagined. I'm always behind, always tired, always counting heads, and always under the state's watchful eye (Ok, the ways we are held accountable aren't overbearing, but it still involves many, many people).

Here's the thing--fostering and adopting are how I serve my Savior. I am continually stripped of self, and I'm constantly being transformed. And that transformation includes accepting a messy house, a child who giggles when mommy is stuck outside, and not having a clue when the last time was I got an uninterrupted night of sleep (1 year? 2?).

Christians are called to serve. To give. To sacrifice. That's not tossing some nonprofit your cash and heading off to your quiet, tidy, and perfect home where you'll get all your beauty sleep before you leave for the gym the next morning. Serving means getting your hands dirty. You don't have time for all your wants because you are taking care of a stranger's needs. You have to expect that your heart will be broken. You'll weep, experience anger, and cry out, "God, this is too hard!".

Would I love some spare moments and a calmer house? Of course. But to know my mess is beyond beautiful to God, and to know the words "Well done, my good and faithful servant" will be uttered by Him as he recalls the boy who locked me out today? You can have your organized life--I'm running after my Savior. And I pray more Christians will become part of the best race of all & truly (TRULY!!) serve Him.

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