Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Review of "Blue Ribbon Trail Ride" by Miralee Ferrell {Tween Fiction}


Blue Ribbon Trail Ride is the first book by Miralee Ferrell that I have read, but this certainly will not be our family's last. It is the fourth book in Ferrell's "Horses and Friends" series, and it is a great book for tween readers (although I enjoyed it, too!). My 11 year old daughter is beginning with the first book in the series (A Horse For Kate), and I believe this will really enhance her experience & enjoyment of the characters by reading all four books. That said, 'Blue Ribbon Trail Ride' can be read independently from the other books. Ferrell's descriptions of the main characters are extremely well-developed and easy to follow.

One reason I chose to review this book was to hopefully find a book (and, better yet, a series) that my 11 year old would enjoy that is interesting, intriguing, and appropriate. The book is a wonderful balance of friendships, mystery, conflicts, family interactions, positive resolutions and Christian perspectives. Horses are also a prominent part of each book's setting and plot, and this fourth novel revolves around a horse scavenger hunt. The hunt takes place to help raise money to send Kate's brother Pete to a summer camp held for autistic children. The "who done it" mystery begins when the money raised disappears. I definitely know my daughter will enjoy this book, and I feel very comfortable recommending it to everyone.

*I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review.*

Interested in this novel for your child? You can purchase your copy here.

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