Monday, August 24, 2015

A Rare {yet Ordinary} Date

I had a fun date with Mike tonight!

(Some people were calling it Meet the Teacher Night--but when you are out of the house without children & it's not related to work, you call it a DATE!)

After tonight, it will be Fall 2020 before we are able to remain together for our child's Meet the Teacher Night at the high school. Until then, we are stuck in "divide & conquer" mode.

So did I treasure tonight? Absolutely.

And am I thankful we are {still} doing this crazy life together? Completely.

Our crazy isn't other people's crazy. Some have plates far heftier than ours, while others would never sign up for a life that consists of kids ages 14, 13, 11, 3, 17 months & 11 months. I never dreamed of signing up for this life, but God had bigger {and better} plans.

And leading two small groups, attending kids' meets & practices, visiting the oral surgeon, going to Walmart at 9:30 at night because your oldest lost her protractor & needs a new one before tomorrow, then holding your 3 year old because he missed you SO MUCH makes for a very full life.  It also means a two-hour chunk of time with no other conflicts or obligations is very precious.

I'll be honest--there are times I wish we would get out of the house more often for a date night. But to be even more honest? I see many couples who make a point to have a date night and yet completely neglect 'dating' each other. And I'd much rather have a loud, crazy, totally interrupted evening at home where our kids yell "gross!" as we hug, kiss, tease & laugh right in front of them than a silent night of calamari & linguini, distance & obligation. How grateful I am to not do our marriage in silence.

So when you find yourself sitting in a high school Language Arts class, and the boy you like is sitting in the desk behind you and the touch of his hand on the back of your neck makes you feel 18 all over again? I'm pretty sure that's the best kind of date of all.

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