Thursday, July 2, 2015

What are the Chances? {Crash!}

So, what are the chances that on day four of your vacation, 30 minutes away from your final destination, that you'll~

Get rear ended. On the highway. And find out 2 days later that, although the gal's insurance card showed she had coverage, it had lapsed due to lack of payment. Therefore, her final day of being insured was June 27.

She crashed into you June 28.

Now, instead of going through your insurance and getting all reimbursements from her insurance, you get to pay your deductible yourself.

And buy new car seats. Lots of car seats.
Suddenly it becomes so easy to get wrapped up in one 'blip' of your trip. All the fun, all the blessings, and all the memories can get sucked right down the drain.

It is in those moments, the times I'm starting to swirl with anger, frustration, disbelief and heavy sighs, that I have to CHOOSE to see all the good. 

While sore initially, none of us were injured.

We have insurance. And an amazing agent. He is doing all he can to try to recover our deductible and to see if any part of our policy would cover the car seats.

The damage to the van was such that we can wait to have it looked at when we get home.

We've had an amazing trip trekking across the country. With kids ranging in age from 14 years to 10 months, I know these special times are very, very precious.

And finally, after seeing the good, I can go after the laughter, and the whole tone changes.

Her insurance ended June 27.
She crashed into us June 28.

What are the chances?

copyright 2015 LeAnne Klopfenstein

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