Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Power of Friendship {Thank You God, for Amy}

Well, be it branching out or free falling, I'm doing something new! Here's my very first post for the Hearts at Home Blog Hop. So grateful for the chance to encourage other moms to "Unleash Your Power to Inspire". You can also head to Jill Savage's blog to gain great insight from her and other bloggers about this topic, too!
The knock at the front door was unexpected. I didn't remember making plans with anyone, and I was praying I hadn't forgotten about a home visit for our foster daughters. Oh well, at least I was dressed! Given how little sleep I'd gotten that week, the fact I was dressed by 10am was pretty impressive.

I opened the door. There, with a coffee in one hand and a little brown bag in the other, stood Amy.
Amy, with her bright smile and friendly gaze. "I'm not staying, and I know you weren't expecting me! But I read your blog post this morning and wanted to bring you something."
Amy, who had reached out several months prior and asked me to meet her for coffee.
Amy, who had started her foster parent and adoptive parent walk a few years ahead of me and had made a point to reach beyond our group of "mutual friends" to become my friend.
Amy, who had just graduated nursing school, started a new job, and gained two foster children...and yet here she was, standing at my doorstep.

There is nothing more powerful, more encouraging, or more uplifting than the kindness of a friend.

For you see, that week--those past several weeks--had left me a little weary. In addition to our three older kids, our house held three little kids: our two-year old son, our nine month old foster daughter, and our four month old foster daughter. And the three little kids were not merely waking up several times a night, but were waking several times a night at the same time. My blog post had talked about remaining obedient to God even in the midst of my sleep deprivation. The reason I had written it wasn't to simply lay out my own heart and struggles, but to truly encourage others to trust God and His plan even during physically or emotionally trying times. I prayed that by being honest about my own spiritual walk, others would realize they could press on and pursue Christ during their trials, too.

And yet, here was Amy, a coffee in one hand and a little brown bag in the other. She had looked beyond my blog post and chose to reach out in a very sweet and powerful way. She cared. So she came.

In an instant, Amy was gone-she didn't want to interrupt my morning, and she wanted me to enjoy the coffee while it was hot.

I walked to the kitchen and opened the little brown bag. Inside I found a gift card and a very precious note. A note offering to provide respite care for both of our foster daughters, or give my husband and I the opportunity to go out sometime without taking children. Instead of feeling like a foster parent on a lonely path, I now had a stronghold who was ready, willing, and qualified to fill the weak areas in my life with solid, steady friendship.

The knock at my door from Amy took place four months ago. But the power of her knock still lingers; one mom, reaching out to another in a simple yet powerful way. I truly hope that other moms have an Amy in their lives.

And I especially pray that I will be an Amy for whoever needs me.

copyright 2015 LeAnne Klopfenstein


  1. Hi LeAnne. I've been a blog hop regular since the beginning but I skipped this month. Welcome! This is a great post. I've been feeling challenged lately in the area of friendships. Most of my closest friends and I have little kids right now (mine are 5 and 2) and we just don't take as much time to connect and encourage each other at a time when we all surely need it most. I've been trying to put my agenda aside more often and take the time to reach out and encourage others, even if I feel like I have a million other things to do. Thanks for sharing this story. It's nice to meet you. Have a blessed day!

  2. Thank you so much Lisa! It's definitely hard to find time to connect with friends unless I'm very intentional, but I'm working on getting better at it. It's nice to mer you too! Enjoy June!