Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Blessings in my Every Day Life

Last week, I had a clever Facebook status in my head that I couldn't wait to type.  And as I drove around town, I believed I could turn the status into a witty and funny blog post.  The gist of it went something like this:
If any entrepreneurs are looking for a booming new business idea, here ya go--oil change stations geared towards moms that allow everyone to stay in the car during an oil change!

The blog would've expanded on fun ideas involving Starbucks coffee delivered to your driver window, and clean bathrooms with diaper changing stations for those who had a desire to exit their vehicles.  And so on, and so forth.

The truth is, I was extremely overdue for an oil change.  And while I manage (albeit barely)  a 2 year old, 10 month old, and 4 month old at doctor appointments, the thought of attempting an oil change with my 3 little ones wasn't something I've had the energy to tackle.  My excuse list is long and very legit.  If only we could stay in the car!  Then everything would be 'perfect'.

The day I came up with my fun oil change idea was the day before Mike & I were driving to Chicago.  I was at my parents' house.  And when I left my parents' I was heading to my sister's house to let out her dog.  Guess what's directly on the route from Point A to Point B?  My stinking oil change station!!

Guilt & responsibility overtook me and I turned down the street of The Grease Spot.  I took a deep breath and prepared to 'stick it out' and not just drive past it.  Lord, help me!
  • Not one single car was at The Grease Spot.  At 12:30.  No one.  No. One.
  • I was greeted by 2 kind and efficient gentleman who have previously worked on the van.  One ran over and opened the store's door for me.
  • I got to wait in the tiny waiting room all alone.  Which is good, because the 4 of us took up the whole space!
  • The van was finished in under 20 minutes.  Everyone worked on my car.  We were still the only people there.
  • When it came time to pay, one man said to me, "I see you brought a coupon!" and scanned a coupon he had next to him.
  • Then I left, and the second man went and opened the van door for Charlie. 
  • As I started the van and buckled my seatbelt, 3 cars pulled up and got in line for their own oil changes.

My clever Facebook status faded from my 'to-do when I get home' list.  I thought about all the ways I constantly wish for things, hope for things, and envision things that would make my life more manageable.  God is caring for me day by day, in ways I don't even notice because I'm so wrapped up in my own ideas.  Now, don't get me wrong--I still think my idea for an oil change place that caters to moms is brilliant!--but I'm doing my best to see and appreciate God's provision in my every day life.  And it's all I truly need.


  1. My husband has had the idea for many years to have an oil changing business that picks up your car, fixes it overnight and brings it back in the morning....maybe this will inspire him to do it!

  2. Wendy-keep me posted! That sounds fabulous! I think it's a market many people would find very helpful :)