Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Serving within the Wait

Last night, Mike asked how he could be praying for me.  And I shared.

I shared how God’s growing me--and moving me--towards something ‘more’ within the Foster Care Community.

I shared I’m not quite sure what that role looks like.

I shared that God doesn’t want me to run ahead of Him.  That right now, I need to remain bridled to Him and allow Him to teach me and grow me.  That right now, I need to work on being obedient and faithful.  That right now, I simply need to be content with my life--today’s life--no changes, additions, or “if onlys”.

I shared that I can currently do some neat things within the wait; wonderful, “behind the scenes” things that appear so little, yet can bring so much hope and encouragement to the people who ARE doing the ‘more’ within the Foster Care Community.

Perhaps my role will always be the “little things”.  I don’t know.

But I do know this:  God, for reasons I can’t quite figure out, has chosen me to have a heart--an ache--for foster care.  And it’s an ache I cannot ignore.

Prayers appreciated.


  1. Praying for you dear LeAnne....thank you for sharing your heart....I love you and KNOW that God has some wonderful plans for you....little or big...they are tailored just for you!!

  2. I love how God is using you in this great area of need, and know He will guide as you continue to be faithful. I also love Jeremiah 32:40-41 which is a promise of God's joy in doing good for you, and your children! Will be praying for you in this.

  3. I followed the link to your blog from The Forgotten Initiative-so glad I did! Tears are springing to my eyes as I read some of these posts. We are in the final stages of becoming a licensed foster family (have a biological son who will soon be 4) and anticipate an exciting, difficult, emotional journey ahead of us and I SO enjoy reading about what others have faced on a similar journey.

    1. Oh, Amber, I am so glad that the sharing I did from my heart was a comfort to you! Even in the midst of the unknown within the foster care journey, it truly is so helpful to gain some insight from others who travel that path, too. It's not typically an easy path, but just the fact you are entering in and trying to be prepared for it to be a "roller coaster" is great preparation for you. I'm always ready to answer more specific questions if I'm able--keep me posted on where your journey leads.