Saturday, October 22, 2011

Savor the Season

Fall is my favorite time of year--and nothing brings peace to my soul quite like an Indian Summer.  Technically (and according to Wikipedia), "The modern use of the term is when the weather is sunny and clear, and above 21 °C (70 °F), after there has been a sharp frost; a period normally associated with late-October to mid-November."  Indian Summer is a time of surprise--something pleasantly unexpected reveals itself just when all seemed lost.

When I was younger, fall meant football games, bonfires, and wearing my favorite outfit of all-time: a giant t-shirt, jeans, and Birkenstocks (yes, I am a 90's girl).  My main goals were to keep my friendships intact, get fairly good grades, and stay true to my Christianity without becoming a "Bible Thumper".  Holidays meant either getting in the car or having extended family come over;  my mom & dad told us the plan and the 4 of us kids were along for the ride.  In all honesty, holidays were a fairly stress-free aspect of my life.

Flash forward to adulthood--oftentimes, Indian Summer seems to be the calm before the storm--"What our the plans for Thanksgiving?"  "Did we spend last year with your parents or mine?" "How many people do I have to buy Christmas presents for?"  "Uggh...Christmas is on a Sunday this year??"  I have to check my motives--am I truly appreciating fall, or am I dreading what is to come?

God has given us the seasons not to be a time of worry, but rather as opportunities to remember His awesome, amazing power.  My goal today is to savor these beautiful days from God and be thankful He created fall with me in mind.  My goal tomorrow?  To rest fully in the Lord so I can see Him revealed in pleasant, unexpected ways.

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